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01 April 2007 @ 12:27 am
Literati: I'm Not Going  
Titel : I'm Not Going
Autor : MissBlackRebel aka Viki
Genre : Romance/Humor
Pairing : Literati
Rating : T
Language : English
Disclaimer : I hate that it still belongs to those The CW guys.
Summary : An AU moment between Rory and Jess. Or other characters.
A/N : Eh, yes. It's completely in english. There'll be some mistakes. I'm too tired to find them all. I never posted my english fics, partly, because they aren't very original. But well, here it is. The end is crappy, deal with it.

I'm Not Going

Sighing, he rearranged the books on his shelf. Man, he really could have thought of better things to do. But she insisted, saying that he was his family. And you take care of family! So there he was, bored to death, his uncle was serving his customers downstairs at his diner and probably already laughing his ass off. Trying to block out the view in front of him, Jess clenched his teeth and stared at one of his books. Real dusty.

“Could ya hand me the screwdriver, Read?” Oh that voice of his! Jess felt his hands tighten around the spine of his book. “Sure” His eyes scanned quickly the room, avoiding every contact with his step-father. He hated that word. Seriously, Jess was way too old for a step-father, wasn’t he?

When he found his destination, he let out a small “Huh” and dove under his bed, where Luke had hidden Bert. “Ya know, mate, Lizzie had this ‘lil proposal”, he heard TJ say and he stood up abruptly, bumping his head. “Geez”, he mumbled and scratched his hurting spot. “She’d appreciate if you’d talk to her, Jess” That was new. He called him by his actual name. It had to be something very important. So he turned his head, rolled his eyes and scoffed. “What?” TJ ignored, or misunderstood his aggravated attitude. “She said something about dinner, but I didn’t catch much of her talking. You know, with football and so on”, TJ chuckled. Jess rolled his eyes again. He hoped TJ was joking. He definitely didn’t want to have dinner with his pregnant mother. She had all those scary moodswings coming whenever they wanted, he couldn’t deal with her that way. The last time she had invited him, they had spent an evening at her house, she was acting all motherly and nice and as soon as he heard TJ cursing about those “damn gay players” Liz had thrown a vase at them. Nobody would curse in front of her precious baby! Jess held back a snort, as he thought about it.

But Rory would want to come to dinner with his mom. As much as he hated it, she and Liz were really close. And if she wanted to have dinner with them, they most likely had to come. “She wants to have some sort of a double date” Jess choked. “What are you babbling about?” “Yea, she said it would be nice. Aw, come on Jess! It’ll be fun, like old times” “What old times?! You’re 20 years older than me, what kind of a double date would that be?” he shouted disgusted. Double Date with his mother?! Now he definitely needed to vomit. “I mean, don’t you wanna see our hot girls chattin’?” Jess’s eyes enlarged. “Excuse me? Don’t ever, ever, refere my pregnant mother to a hot girl”, he shuddered, stumbled a bit and tried to ignore the awkward feeling inside his gut. “You know, your mom is fat, I know, but you know what they say...” he wiggled his brows, Jess stared at that black spot behind Luke’s bed. “The sex is even be-“ “Oh fuck! Shut up!”


“What happened?” Luke smirked wiping the tables off. “He’s a pain in my ass! Why did you do this? Why did you wanted me to stay and help him with those damn shelves, I mean he’s a grown-up and he could - forget I said that.” Luke’s smirk got wider. “You are really enjoying this, aren’t you?” “I’m sorry Jess. So where’s Rory?”

Jess sighed. "She went shopping with her mother. I guess, I’ll never see her again”, Luke smiled. “TJ told me about that double date” Jess stoped dead in tracks. “Huh” “Liz is really excited. She said it could be the last time she would ever see you again” Jess turned around and faced his uncle. “Yeah I guess” “Jess, do you really think it’s necessary to move across the country?” Jess grinned. “Why? Miss me?” Luke threw the rag at him, which he successfully dodged out. “I got a job offer, remember? And Rory found a paper that’ll hire her. It’s perferct”, Luke sighed. He would miss his nephew. “Jimmy found an apartement near the beach, Rory loves it, she already made plans” A few silent moments passed. “What kind of plans?”, his uncle frowned. Jess rolled his eyes, but crumpled the hem of his shirt, nervously. “You know, those girlish future plans. Family and crap like that”, Lukes eyes widened. “You serious? Geez.” He fumbled with his cap. It was like yesterday to him, when little Rory had stormed into his diner, ordering proudly a cup of coffee. Her mother had smiled and nodded, while he’d obey. Now seeing them all grown up and excited to build their own family, he couldn’t help but being sad. She would move, she would call once in a while, but Lorelai and him, would never see them walking into the diner, spontaneously.

“So Lily’s looking forward to it, isn’t she?” he decided to change the topic. “Yea, she can’t wait to raid Rory. She loves to talk about colleges lately. Sasha’s afraid she might wanna go to Yale as well”, Jess chuckled as he thought about her. “You always could-“, he stopped awkwardly when his eyes caught his. “You always could visit us, with Lorelai and the kids. Rory would want it”, Luke nodded absently. “I never saw the westcoast”, Jess smirked. “Can’t quite picture as the beachboy-type” Luke chuckled. “I should go, Lorelai waits for her daily coffee ration, she’ll kill me, if I come late”, Luke watched his nephew nod his head, before he patted his shoulder proudly. “Say goodbye before you leave, will ya?”, Jess smiled. “You bet”.


“What do you think?”, her blue orbs stared into his and waited for an answer. He shrugged and turned to his computer again. “Nice”, he mumbled. “Nice enough to impress your mother?” his eyes widened and Jess almost lost his balance. “We’re not going”. She laughed wildly. “Of course we are. So, is it good? I have the blue dress somewhere in the back of my closet, I think it would work, too” “Ok, let me rephrase that: I’m not going” Rory sighed and her fingers stopped smoothing down the soft dress. She breathed in and her lips formed a small pout. “It’s your mom, Jess. We’re moving to California in a couple of days, she’s expecting a baby, you can’t turn her down!” “Gee, stop making me guilty, will you?” he shaked his head violently. “You remember TJ, Ror? That fat guy, calling himself my stepdad?-“ “He’s not fat!” “He’s coming too, Rory, I can’t stand him. He wanted to paint me on his Etch-A-Sketch, last time! Oh god, and I’ll be a sibling to his kid” Rory laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind. Her lips touched lightly the base of his neck before she kissed his ear. “You’ll be a great brother. Teaching him or her how to draw outlines in front of Doose’s Market, or stealing Babette’s gnomes. It’ll be fun, trust me” He sighed and placed his hands on her hips, pulling her in his lap. Burrowing into her hair he breathed in and out. “I think it’d be better having my own ones to teach”, he then murmured. She bit her lip, pulling out of his grasp, staring into his eyes, shocked. “What did you say?”, she whispered. He avoided her eyes, staring at anything but her. “You heard me”, the lump in her throat slowly vanished and she surprised him by attacking his face with kisses, each placed at a different place. “You’re making me so happy”, she couldn’t express her words. Her hands got lost in his messy dark hair and she wanted nothing but pull him on the bed. Which she did.


“Does that mean, I have to go now?”

She sighed contently as his hand stroked the knots out of her hair.


He groaned, turned over pulling her with him. His arms encircled her bare waist and his feet tangled with hers. “I’ll never let me be seduced by you, again” She laughed. “Yeah good luck with that” , “You think a lot of yourself, Gilmore”, he smirked at the memory.

“Mariano”, she smiled proudly. “Yeah, Mariano”, he kissed her shoulder. Seconds full of comfortable silence passed, before he cleared his throat, flustered. “You think it’ll be a girl?” She turned her head, enquiring. “Liz’s kid?” She swore to see him redden. “Nah, I meant ours” she felt his hands wandering lower to her tummy, where they rested. Her heart started to beat faster. “You’re being awfully impatient lately. What changed your mind?” her words were just a whisper in his head. Thoughts flooded his mind. “I don’t know. I think it’s time”, she smiled and kissed his chest lovingly, before reaching his lips.

“Yeah, I think so, too”.


“The green dress is fine”, Jess smiled and watched Rory as she rummaged through her closet.

She faced him with a smile. “I knew you would come”

“I’ve got no choice, do I?”

“I guess not”


And eventually, with a kiss, they left.


Samira: lore&rorykopfoderzahl on April 4th, 2007 01:51 pm (UTC)
aww viki wunderschön ♥
das hat mein herz wirklich nochmal gebraucht, hach die tj/jess szenen, göttlich, ich musste so lachen und dann die luke/jess szenen, auch so toll.
rory mariano. sniff. mehr will ich nich hören.
messy dark hair
sehr sehr schöner oneshot.
Ginger: [Gilmore Girls] he wrote a book.ginger_noodle on May 28th, 2007 10:38 pm (UTC)
Hrhr. Two syllables that describe this one shot very well. I love the part with TJ. You wrote it so funny and I feel extremely sorry for Jess that he has to endure him.

“The sex is even be-“ “Oh fuck! Shut up!”
That line's the best. xD He should have started referring to Jess' and Rory's sex life as well, that would have been hilarious. I can totally see Jess punching him (or having a real great outburst, either way it would be awesome) xD

And his conversation with Luke makes me totally nostalgic. I liked the line where Luke throws the rag at him.

Because of you I'm fluff-addicted, you know that. The last parts are just too cute (and DRECKISCH!).